Eristic (T) Investment ltd strives to live by quality and services that meet the market demand, to ensure that company merge with overseas potentials and reputable key manufacture of the port operating equipment and assisting clients with the selection and supporting of port operating equipment such as Cranes, Folklift, Rechstackers, Grabs, and Spreader RTG, RMA, Port Cranes.

Cargo Terminal Tractors, RTG's, Portal Cranes

Eristic (T) Investment Ltd offers modern and robust HOVA Terminal Tractors manufactutured by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co.Ltd(SINOTRUK) China - Special Vehicles Division under comprehensive professional high technology to enhance cargo handling requirements in Tanzania Ports.

We are diversifying to supply the modern technology RTG's, RMG's and Portal Cranes - both on rail mounted and rubber tyred, manufactured by Asian and EU Manufacturer's.

Mobile weighing, bagging systems and Clamshell Grabs

Eristic (T) Investment Ltd, in colaboration with GHE - Shanghai Gunhai Engineering Machinery Technology Co.Ltd, China offers comprehensive professional solutions for a wide variety range of materials handling requirements.

Our containerized mobile weighing and bagging systems as well as clamshell grabs are designed to operate in the most hostile environmental conditions. Our equipment is designed to handle shipped dry bulk materials i.e. fertilizers and grains.

Mobile cranes,Container handling equipment

Among other ports handling equipment, we undertake to supply the newly branded and high technology mobile crane and container handling equipment, forklifts and container spreaders raging from minimum to maximum capacity tonnages, Recently Eristic (T) Investment ltd awarded a contract to supply and commisioning of 12 units of Diesel 3 Ton forklift by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA)